The GeoVISION Deluxe Control Panel
The operator's controls for the GeoVISION Deluxe Borehole Camera System with Motorized Pan and Tilt
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Click to view a larger picture  Control Panel for the Deluxe pan and tilt  - Top Panel
The top left switch is the winch motor on-off switch.
The left dial is the winch speed control which sets the winch direction up or down, and speed.
The center left is the pan and tilt joy stick that controls the direction the camera points, 360 degrees left or right and 170 degrees up or down. This control is available with the pan and tilt only.
The center exposure control switch sets the light detection area that determines the proper exposure to either normal or center only. This feature is available with the color standard stainless steel camera only. This feature was available 1 March 2009.
The right switch turns the camera lights on or off to allow the supplemental light to provide all or part of the light. This option is especially useful in poor quality water. When the super 8 light provides all of the light, texture and depth perception are improved. This usually produces a better video. This feature is available with the standard stainless steel cameras only.
The top right video jack provides an extra RCA video output jack.
The top right is the orange LCD video monitor and power cable. It is dedicated to any of the three GeoVISION monitors for both power and signal.  

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Control Panel for the Deluxe pan and tilt  - Side Panel
The top left is the microphone jack. This allows the operator using a microphone to embed the audio signal along with the video signal to any recording device

The top center four "On Screen Depth Display" control buttons - From the left they are:
1.    Feet and meters toggle button.
2.    Count up - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-up will go faster
3.    Count down - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-down will go faster
4.    Position on screen - The numeric display can be located in the center of the screen, in any one of the four corners, or not shown by pushing this button to cycle through these five alternative locations.
Combination - Pushing and holding buttons two and three at the same time for longer than two seconds will reset the counter to zero.
The OSD is supplied with the depth counter encoder/wheel/clamp assembly. GeoVISION™ OSD is guaranteed accurate within one percent at any depth. Under most conditions it will be much more accurate.
The top right is the OSD input jack. The cable delivers the OSD information from the encoder wheel. On Screen Depth Display

The second row - The left switch is the recording playback switch,
The RCA audio-in jack
The RCA video-in jack
The second row right side is the recessed high/low voltage switch. This switch allows the user to change camera and cable lengths and maintain optimum voltage.
The right side is the power cord.
The left side is the RCA audio-out jack.
The next jack is the RCA video-out jack
The bottom row is the power on light.
Volume control dial
The right side is the main power and circuit breaker switch.
The bottom right is the 115 / 220 Volt switch.