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The GeoVISION™ Deluxe Two Year Warranty

GeoVISION™ is built better so we can guarantee them to work longer.

The GeoVISION™ Deluxe system has a two year limited warranty when it is purchased with any GeoVISION™ stainless steel (Standard, nano, or micro) camera. The two year warranty includes the base system parts, stainless steel cameras, and motorized pan and tilt.  The usual one year warranty applies to the Jr cameras and second party items such as the monitors, and recording devices. Two year warranty applies to all appropriate systems sold after 20 March 2008.

Replace the number one(1) with the number two(2) below when the document below refers to years and applies to the GeoVISION Deluxe system with stainless steel cameras bought after 20 March 2008.


GeoVISION ™ Borehole Video System

1-Year Labor & Parts Warranty on Video Camera, Waterproof Camera Housing, Camera Power Supply, Cable Reel and Cables

1-Year Labor & Parts Warranty:


During the one year after purchase, you may return the defective part, shipping prepaid, to Marks Products, inc. for repair or replacement of any defective part without charge to you for parts or labor.

What the purchaser must do.


First, check your owner's manual. Adjustment of customer controls may correct the problem.

If the trouble persists call Marks Products, Inc. for assistance.

If the difficulty can not be resolved over the phone, you must obtain a return authorization. The unit should be sent back to Marks Products, Inc., shipping prepaid, for repair or replacement.


Marks Products, Inc. Warrants that this system:

  • Is manufactured from new parts,
  • Is free from defects in material and workmanship,
  • Conforms to Marks Products, Inc. Official Published Specifications, and
  • Is in good working order,

If this camera system does not function as warranted during the warranty period as stated, contact Marks Products, Inc., for its repair or replacement without charge parts or labor.

If this product is a feature or accessory, this statement applies only when that feature or accessory is used with the camera for which it was designed. To obtain warranty service, you may be required to present the feature or accessory with such camera.

Warranty Service

All products sold or distributed by Marks Products, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries (hereinafter called Marks Products) are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period of one year. This warranty shall extend to the original end purchaser only. Marks Products, at its option, shall repair or replace any GeoVISION™ product within the Terms of Warranty expressed herein, which fails to meet the product's specifications. Warranty service must only be performed at Marks Products, Inc.’s factory.  A copy of the proof of purchase must be supplied in the event of your product requiring warranty service. You may be required to deliver your unit to Marks Products, Inc.’s factory.  You are responsible for loss of or damage to, a system in transit to Marks Products, Inc.’s factory.

When warranty service involves the exchange of a system or part, the item replaced become the property of Marks Products. The replacement may not be new but will be in good working order, and assumes the remaining warranty period of the original system.

Replacement is not available to you if the system you present for exchange is defaced, altered, in need of repair not included in a warranty service, or damaged beyond repair. Also, such system must be free of any legal obligation or restrictions that prevent its exchange.

Before you present this system for warranty service, remove all tapes, data, and removable storage media.

This warranty does not warrant uninterrupted or error-free operation of a system.



  • Systems purchased or used as rental or lease units are not covered by the 1 year limited warranty but are covered under a 90 day limited warranty!
  • Labor for installation, set-up or adjustment of customer controls.
  • Product repair and/or replacement because of misuse, accident, unauthorized repair or other causes not within the control of Marks Products, Inc.
  • Light bulbs or DVDs.
  • Premature failure of components resulting from not keeping them clean and dry when stored.
  • Loss due to camera housing becoming stuck in borehole.

·         Picture problems caused by interference from outside sources.

  • Incidental or consequential damages resulting from the product or use of the product.
  • Shipping costs to or from the Marks Products Inc. factory.

Marks Products, Inc.

1243 Burnsville Road

Williamsville, Va. 24487 USA

Toll Free US and Canada   800-343-3479

PHONE: 540-396-4740   FAX:  540-396-4741 E-MAIL: