Deluxe GeoVISION™ Video Camera System Summary

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GeoVISION™ Deluxe

It is the most versatile and cost effective down hole, shaft, and water well video camera inspection system down to 2000 feet underwater.


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For Marks Products information, sales, brochures, DVD’s, and prices call John Wilson at 800-255-1353

With years of experience focused on video camera systems for boreholes and water wells, GeoVISION™ has effectively resolved the important design and manufacturing issues necessary to provide the most convenient, cost effective video camera systems for boreholes 600 meters (2000 feet) deep or less.


Why the GeoVISION Deluxe is by far the best borehole camera system in its price range

The GeoVISION Deluxe professional grade borehole video camera system is mounted on a tripod with a motorized winch.

It is a very versatile system that can be configured for depths to 2000 feet. The eleven features listed below put the Deluxe GeoVISION system in a class of it own.

1.     Versatility and Upgrading - Should your needs change, you can add optional features. The GeoVISION Deluxe systems are completely upgradeable. You may buy just the features you want. If you need something else later; you may buy it later.  A few of the options available are:

The Deluxe System can be configured with:

·        Five different lengths of cable marked in feet

·         100, 200, 300, 500 and 600 meters

·         325, 650, 1000, 1650, and 2000 feet

·         A 600 meter cable for the Standard Black and White Camera is available by custom order only.

·         Five different interchangeable cameras

                        Jr Plastic Color camera– 1 5/8 inch diameter 1000 ft depth limit

                        Jr Plastic Black and White camera - 1 5/8 inch diameter –1000 ft. depth limit

                        Standard Stainless Steel Color camera - 1 5/8 inch diameter - 2000 ft depth limit - a black and white, ultra low light module is available with this camera.

                        Nano Stainless Steel Color camera – 3/4 inch diameter - 2000 ft depth limit

                        Micro Stainless Steel Color camera – 1 1/8 inch diameter - 2000 ft depth limit

·        Six viewing modes

·         The GeoVISION deluxe is usually lowered into the borehole viewing down. In small and moderate size bores this is adequate.  When one wants to view to the side or back up the borehole, view into to a crevice or mine, there are several choices. They are listed in order of efficiency of use.

·         Motorized Pan-tilt - One may pan 360 degrees and tilt up and down almost 160 degrees with the motorized Pan-Tilt attachment. This option allows one to view in any direction with the flip of a switch on the control panel.

·         Manual pan and tilt - By using a pipe string and the GeoVISION™ supplied manual head tilting assembly, the operator can view in any direction including up by pulling on the power cable and by turning the pipe. All GeoVISION™ systems have a threaded pipefitting, ready for attaching a user supplied pipe string, and so the camera can be pushed or pulled past obstructions. The camera can also be pushed and pulled horizontally or overhead.

·         The motorized mirror, for the micro camera only, allows one to view to the side 360 degrees.

·         A weight and separate cable can also be used. This is explained in the operator’s manual.

·         An optional side-looking mirror is available to allow side viewing in small diameter boreholes.

Note: By itself a camera tilted to the side with a makeshift bracket and lowered down the borehole is of limited use. It is important to be able to lower the camera viewing downward and still has the option to tilt the camera to the side, up or some other way in order to view detail. It is also important to be able to rotate the camera left or right 360 degrees.

·        Three options from determining and recording the depth of the camera

·         Use the On Screen Depth Display

·         Read the cable which is marked in feet and record the depth using a microphone connected to the control panel

·         Read the depth marked on a pipe string and record the depth using a microphone connected to the control panel

·         Five monitor options are available

·         7 inch LCD color monitor – includes sun shade and winch mounting bracket

·         7 Inch LCD High Resolution and high Brightness color monitor – includes sun shade and bracket 

·         10.4 inch LCD color monitor - Includes sun shade and mounting bracket

·         User supplied TV or other monitor or DVD or VCR TV combo

·         User supplied computer

·        Three ways to power the system

·         110 volts 60 cycle from commercial power or generator  (USA)

·         220 volts  50 cycle from commercial power or generator

·         Vehicle electrical system with 12 volts DC using an inverter

·        Standard and Supplemental Lighting

·         The standard LED lighting systems used in GeoVISION™ cameras provide the appropriate amount of light for boreholes less than 12 inches in diameter. When simple is better, one should keep it simple for the operator. There are no manual dimmers in GeoVISION™ camera systems; the automatic electronic shutter does it all with no moving parts. LED lights provide the best all-round light source for borehole applications due to the advent of low light video cameras. LEDs produce the most light for the energy consumed and are almost indestructible. GeoVISION Jr™ uses LEDs with all systems and has optional means for attaching other light sources for large boreholes.

·         Super Eight Adjustable Light, and the Super Eight Light systems - Supplemental lights provide additional light for very large boreholes, shafts, mine inspection, and viewing other voids requires either much more light or a much lower lux. For regular use in large voids, using an ultra low light camera is the most economical and convenient means of providing a sharp image with limited light. The indirect light from these off camera light substantially improves the image depth, texture, and reduces glare.

·         The camera Lights on/off switch circuitry allows the operator to use different combination of light to adjust for poor water quality and to vary the light on the subject for more accurate information.

·         Out front lights and ring lights are available with the micro camera.

·         Other supplemental light systems are discussed in the  website.

·         The center and normal light sensitivity switch circuitry allows the operator to select the best light sensitivity level.

2.     Excellent Customer Support Practical Advice - Marks Products provides excellent product support and creative help for GeoVISION™ users in developing solutions for water well, mining, and environmental problems. GeoVISION™ systems service is available on the Marks Products, Inc. website and by phone from the company employees who understand water wells, boreholes, and geology. If you need special advice, Frank Marks the president of the company and designer of GeoVISION camera systems, Barry Marshall, the production manager, and Cotton Brown, the plant manager are available at the MPI factory during normal business hours to assist you. John Wilson, MPI marketing director, is available at any time to assist as well. See “Downhole Camera Techniques” at the website for examples of the many specialized techniques for using the GeoVISION system.

3.     Repairable Camera Systems and Excellent Repair Service - GeoVISION™ camera systems are rugged and holdup very well under normal conditions.  Should the system be abused or unforeseen conditions cause damage all GeoVISION™ systems are designed to be repaired. Marks Products, Inc. provides good and reliable repair service at reasonable rates. Always ask before buying a borehole camera system if the camera is repairable and where the repair shop is located. GeoVISION cameras are never filled with epoxy which would prevent repair. High quality connectors are used so that the various GeoVISION cameras can be interchanged or removed for repair and the cable can be replaced. The GeoVISION Jr™ configuration uses 3-conductor polyethylene sheath cables that can be spliced and repaired or replaced. The cable connects outside the camera. The cable is connected to the camera head tilting mechanism and centralizer when it is used. These components hold the camera securely.

4.      Two Year warranty

Two Year warranty for the Deluxe System applies to the Control panel and winch, stainless steel cameras, and motorized pan and tilt when purchases as a system.  All other parts have a one year warranty.

5.     Cost Effective - The versatile GeoVISION™ camera systems are the most cost effective in meeting the varied needs of most drillers, geologists, miners, pump service specialists, and environmental engineers.   Use the GeoVISION worksheet to get prices.

6.     Portable - GeoVISION™ Jr Deluxe system can be carried by one or two people. All GeoVISION™ systems can be transported in almost any vehicle including automobiles. Depending on the amount of cable and other options, the field weight, including case, is between 55 and 100 pounds

7.     DurableThe GeoVISION™ camera systems are durable and rugged.  Most systems sold are still in use by the original owner, even those manufactured in 1989 when the first GeoVISION™ borehole system was produced. Resale value of GeoVISION™ systems remains high after many years. For example a strong, durable, scratch resistant glass lens is used in all GeoVISION cameras.

8.     Maneuverable and Small Getting Past a Protrusion - GeoVISION™ video borehole camera systems are the smallest available. Not only are GeoVISION™ cameras small and fit into and out of small holes, all GeoVISION™ systems have a threaded pipe fitting ready for attaching a user supplied pipe string so the camera can be pushed or pulled past obstructions. The camera can also be pushed and pulled horizontally or overhead.

9.     High Quality Picture Resolution with an in-focus image in borehole situations. GeoVISION™ customers say we have the best picture. A good high resolution image is obtained from all GeoVISION™ systems. Call 800-255-1353 for a video tape. The standard focus range of GeoVISION™ cameras is 2 inches to 3 feet. The camera is in usable focus from 1 inch to infinity.  A 5 inch to infinity focus range is available for mining and related uses as an alternative and can be adjusted at the factory.

10.   Stabilize and Centralize - All GeoVISION™ systems are supplied with centralizers which provide a stable view from the middle of the borehole while moving the camera up or down. GeoVISION™ cameras can be rotated manually, independently of the centralizer so the camera can be turned without the centralizer turning and scraping the borehole walls. Without centralizers, a camera in a borehole will usually slide against a side of the casing or borehole when it is lowered. The one side of the picture will be very bright and mostly out of focus and the other side will be very dark. A camera without centralizers will not work well in a borehole.

11.   Numerous other options are available with the deluxe system in addition to the ones listed above.

·         Cable protector - It has a rounded plastic surface, which allows the cable to slide past the casing edge – It is not needed when the OSD pulley is used.

·         Manual emergency hand crank for the winch

·         Side-looking mirror

·         Compass attachment

·         Microphone to place verbal comments on the recording