Econo Light Duty GeoVISION™ Borehole Camera System

GeoVISION™ - The most cost effective and least expensive professional grade borehole camera systems available.



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Ultra Low light Black and White Camera

Dual Dive Light

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The GeoVISION™ Econo Light Duty system is shown with the Jr plastic camera. Some standard small components are not shown.
Econo Light Duty


Selecting Options

Work sheet for selecting options and configuring an Econo Light Duty GeoVISION™ system

Detailed explanation of selecting options

The GeoVISION™ Econo Light Duty systems can provide images and video recordings for almost any light duty situation. The GeoVISION™ Econo Light Duty offers a one person, portable, color or black and white video, borehole logging system. These systems are designed to view boreholes, water wells, and voids from 2 inches to 12 inches in diameter and to maximum depths of 325 (100 meters).  Video logs are made by using your own VCR, VCR/TV combination, a camcorder with external A/V recording capability, a DVD recorder, or some other recording device.

System Components and Options

All Econo Light Duty Systems have the following features:

The plastic reel is hand operated, equipped with slip rings, and has 325 feet of cable (100 meters) marked in one foot increments. The owners manual, instruction video, tools and other small items are standard with each system. The operating temperature 32°F [0 ° C] to 100° F [37° C]. The System shipping weight in one box is approximately 30 to 40 pounds depending on options.


The basic Econo Light Duty system has:


  • Camera head tilt mechanism - allowing sideward and upward views of the borehole in 4 inch [102 mm] or larger bores.  (When used with owner supplied pipe string.)
  • Above camera centralizer attachment - (CPVC, nylon & stainless steel.)
  • Cable reel - Hand-operated (plastic), includes 325 feet [100 meters] of 3 conductor polyethylene jacketed cable (200 lb. test cable) with indicators each foot and a water-proof connector on the camera end.
  • Power Supply box – The box has an on/off switch, microphone-in jack, audio & video output jacks, and DC power in jack.  It can be attached to the cable reel with the Velcro straps or placed beside the reel.
  • AC Power Adapter.  (115 Vac 60 Hz  to 12 Vdc .8 Amp)
  • Cigarette Jack Power Cord.  (5 foot long)
  • Spare parts and tools.
  • Camera support female CPVC pipe adapter and stainless steel straps.
  • Support clamp male CPVC pipe adapter, acetal plastic cable clamp and stainless steel straps.
  • 1 meter two connector cable consists of a right-angle female 3 conductor connector, a straight male 3 conductor connect and a molded 1 meter cable w/ orange PVC sheath.

See the camera table for the list of six available cameras and specifications.


Selected Option Descriptions

7 Inch LCD color monitor – LCD monitor or VCR mounting head on winch - Includes sun shade

Cable protector mounts on the casing and provides a pulley for the cable to ride over and drop down into the center of the borehole.

Side-Looking mirror for use in 2" and 3" bores

Auxiliary dive light (for large bores and voids)

Inverter 300  watt - 12V to 115VAC 60Hz

Carrying case - 26 inch lockable – Includes accessory case


Depending upon options the system field weight is between 15 and 30 pounds. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


Select options and configure an Econo Light Duty GeoVISION™ System



Depending upon options the system weighs between 15 and 25 pounds. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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