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cjr stained fracture 2.jpeg (21790 bytes)

Stained fracture in 6" open rock bore looking down Color Jr

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The portable and lightweight GeoVISIONTM borehole under water video camera systems are used for viewing and video logging in small to large diameter boreholes.  When combined with other geophysical logging you can get the whole picture.


Find and view fractures, voids, water inflow, cross or inter bed water flows, sand, gravel, grout, ground water pollution or ground water contamination infiltration.


View actual conditions and help determine end of casing, well screen or packer placement.


If no one has any knowledge of the well's condition, find out what really exits.


Assist in retrieval of lost items.  See where the item is and determine its orientation to help in a recovery plan.  Watch what you are doing while you fish.


Inspect casings, drive shoes, screens and welds.


Assist in trouble shooting.  Determine the actual situation.

The systems are designed to be used in vertical bores but can be used in horizontal bores by placing the camera on an owner provided skid or cart and pushing it with a plastic pipe string.  The cameras can go around shallow turns but they are not designed to go around sharp turns.

All GeoVISIONTM systems output in NTSC video format, which is the standard for North America and Japan. There are several methods available to convert the signal to a different format such as PAL or SECAM.