GeoVISION™ On Screen Camera Depth Display (OSD)
 Optional with the Heavy Duty Econo System
It is standard with the GeoVISION Deluxe System.
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OSD encoder &

casing clamp

Deluxe Control Panel and Power Supply

On Screen Depth Display Features
The On-screen Camera Depth Display (OSD) is a standard component of all GeoVISION™ Deluxe systems. The OSD will place the camera’s depth in feet or meters in any one of five locations on the video screen and it will appear on the recorded video. The display shows either feet or meters within one decimal point.
The OSD has four control buttons or switches that are incorporated in the control panel. From the left they are:
1.    Feet and meters toggle button.
2.    Count up - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-up will go faster
3.    Count down - Holding the button for longer than a second and the count-down will go faster
4.    Position on screen - The numeric display can be located in the center of the screen, in any one of the four corners, or not shown by pushing this button to cycle through these five alternative locations.
Pushing and holding buttons two and three at the same time for longer than two seconds will reset the counter to zero.
The OSD is supplied with the depth counter encoder/wheel/clamp assembly.
The improved 2007 and later models have greater accuracy and display in both tenths of feet and tenths of meters.
GeoVISION™ OSD is guaranteed accurate within one percent at any depth. Under most conditions it will be much more accurate.

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Heavy Duty Econo Power Supply and OSD control box

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Color Jr images showing OSD footage

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