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All GeoVISION systems have at least a one year Limited Warranty on parts and labor.

The Deluxe system when purchased with a stainless steel camera has a two year warranty.



Modifications to GeoVISION™ equipment may void the warranty. Please check with MPI before altering or modifying any GeoVISION™ parts.



Should any Video system produced by Marks Products, Inc. need service or repair, please do the following:

  • Check the owner’s manual for routine operation and service instruction
  • Call or email Marks products for telephone or online service and evaluation
  • If necessary, Marks Products will provide product return instructions for repair or replacement



All GeoVISION™ systems are repairable.

Marks Products, Inc. provides excellent product support and reasonable repair service and rates.


Repair Policy

Marks Products, Inc. is committed to providing prompt high quality service on all its products.


Repair Location

MPI Warranty Repairs

Marks Products, Inc.

1243 Burnsville Road

Williamsville, VA  24487-9611


Factory Hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

8:00 to 17:00 hours Eastern Time



Out of Warranty Repair

Abbytek Enterprises, LLC provides out of warranty repairs and replacements for Marks Products, Inc. GeoVISION systems. Abbytek Enterprises is a factory authorized repair center with 23 years experience.  302-337-7373  -  866-293-8434  - Website:




GeoVISION™ - Professional Grade

Durable - Portable - Versatile - Cost Effective

Maneuverable and Small Camera with High Quality Picture Resolution

Borehole Video Camera Systems Engineered for Elegant Simplicity

For service or repair information on any of our products you may:

  • Call 800-343-3479 toll free from the US and Canada, elsewhere 540-396-4740
  • Fax 540-396-4741
  • Email: